Common Concerns About Inter Faith

Here are some of the concerns people raise which prevents them from joining in with Inter Faith - along with potential assurances

1. Is Inter Faith trying to create one new big religion? No- we recognise there are many different faiths and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. Inter Faith is about learning to understand each other so we can create peace, respecting our differences

2. Will I be expected to say the prayers of other religions? No, we do not try to worship or pray together - as we have many different ideas who/what/how to worship. But we sometimes keep silence together.

3. Does everyone at Inter Faith believe all faiths are equal or "all roads lead to God"? No- many people only agree with their own faith.

4. Will people try and persuade me to give up my religion and join a different one? No - our dialogue is to enable others to understand. we expect everyone to listen to each other and proselytising is not appropriate

5. Don't people lose their faith if they are given lots of information about different ones? Research shows that it is unusual for people to change their religion after attending Inter Faith. And many people find this experience of dialogue actually strengthens their adherence to their own religion.

6. Would I have to come to every meeting? No - anyone can come as often or as little as they choose.

7. Do people come in groups or can I come on my own? Many people come on their own, others in groups. We hope the format of our events is welcoming and helps everyone engage.

8. Do I have to be an expert on my own religion to explain it to other people? There are opportunities to explain your own beliefs and practices if you so choose - but many people prefer just listening. no expertise is required.

9. Can I come for part of an event or is it expected to stay until the end? We understand that some people need to leave early - we will still be glad to see you.

10. Will my dietary needs be catered for at social events? Yes, we try and make sure there is something for everyone at events involving food and often faith groups bring their own for sharing.

11. I do not touch people of the opposite sex (shaking hands, etc.). Will this be respected? Yes - we suggest greeting people with a sign of peace - e.g. palms together in front of you - to help people to realise.