Notes from the evening meetings

In most meetings, the information disclosed and the views of the audience as well as any discussion, are mostly lost because we do not do a good job of documenting the meeting. This is my attempt to recall the date.

These are personal notes from some, not all of the evening meetings, taken at the meeting.

We make no claims of absolute accuracy either of the recording or the facts stated, and the opinions are personal.

210621After Death.docx
210517Death Customs.docx
Kamma and Rebirth Notes.pdf

140212THE ROLE OF WOMEN FULL NOTES 12 February 2014.docx (55k)Reynold Rosenberg, 10 Mar 2014, 11:51

140407HowFaith Changes BehaviourNotes.doc (249k)Reynold Rosenberg, 17 Jun 2015, 16:33

140609FilmForgiveness.doc (45k)Reynold Rosenberg, 25 Oct 2015, 14:07

141124Citizenship.doc (52k)Reynold Rosenberg, 17 Jun 2015, 16:24

150429Suffering.docx (21k)Reynold Rosenberg, 25 Oct 2015, 13:58

150615Our Vision of the Future.docx (17k)Reynold Rosenberg, 17 Jun 2015, 16:22

150723Explanatory Notes on Evening on IslamAKhan.docx (19k)Reynold Rosenberg, 25 Oct 2015, 13:56

180424The Joy of Faith.docx (15k)Reynold Rosenberg, 6 May 2018, 10:40

181023Climate change Notes.docx (21k)Reynold Rosenberg, 17 Jun 2019, 11:48

200128UN Statement on Biodiversity - for website (1).pdf (672k)Reynold Rosenberg, 28 Jan 2020, 15:51

200209Peace report (2).docx (15k)Reynold Rosenberg, 9 Mar 2020, 15:50

200623angels.docx (19k)Reynold Rosenberg, 30 Jun 2020, 15:43

The Evolution of Christian Denominations rev2.docx (16k)Reynold Rosenberg, 17 Jun 2019, 11:41


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